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Intellivision II AV mod help - No signal at all

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Hey everyone,

Someone has asked me to mod a Intellivision II console for AV.

I have followed the schematic at http://wiki.intellivision.us/index.php?title=Intellivision_Composite_Video_Modification


I have built 2 circuits on bread board and then tried to build one just laying out the parts and soldering the legs together so I can get a better picture of what i could be doing wrong.

I am getting no signal at all. Normally on my CRT I will get some signal but I am getting nothing.

I can tune in to RF no problems. I have attached pictures of where I am tapping 5v and also the circuit I am using.

All values are exactly as the schematic except for the 660Ohm which I am using a 680Ohm resistor.


Can some of the fine people at AA have a love over the circuit and see if I am missing something?







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Found the issue. Had a 22k instead of a 22 ohm resistor. Replaced this and got picture. Now I have heaps of static which looks to be common going from another thread on AA but looks like there is no solution.

Think I might put this one to bed now as have spent far too long in it.

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Yeap I answered your post in the other thread. I've tried to AV mod two separate Intelly 2 units and neither of them gave me what I called acceptable results. One turned out a bit better than the other but I still was never quite happy with it. The common composite AV kits that are out there really only work well on the Model 1 Intelly units and that is all I will offer to AV mod with composite because of this.

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