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Found this, what do you think ?

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Many moons ago, I was developing a game for the 130XE, a friend produced the artwork and had the 'game' ideas,

my job was to stich it all together and try mkae his ideas work.


I thought I had lost eveything due to floppy disk degridation over the years, but today to my delight I found one of my

old work disks and it loaded ok.


Unfortunately work etc. got in the way and we never completed this one, but I think it's ok as a demo to show where

it may have ended up.


If I remember correctly there was a later version where 'fighters' came from the 'cities' which eventually you would

have to destroy, but I haven't found that yet..


What do you guys think ?


Runs on 130XE and Altirra, not tried on an XL or 800.


I developed it on a PAL system, really surprised how much better it look on NTSC



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A simple but very nice effect approaching cities.


Pressing the joystick button somehow holds the animation, and joystick up and down seem to control the travelling height.



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Me thinks you needs to finds dah rest of da disks, if ya findz enough of zem pieces you might be able to come up with ideaz to bring it home especially since we have all these added years of knowledge and advancements to complement that work.


Looks like you were on to something nice.


Neat demo and it runs launches from SPARTA! :)


don't forget to mash some keys and see some tings!

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many thanks for all your kind comments, I will keep looking through my disks, but it's a long chore as so many just

deposit crap on the heads, so constantly having to clean :(

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i've taken to using the XF drives for this sort of thing... two smooth heads no felt to glop up... easier to deal with cleaning..

lightly cleaning some disks before putting them in the drives depending on what is seen...


of course once on the PC they get written back out to brand new real disks in the hope that 40 years from now we can use those as well :)

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