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On 7/18/2019 at 1:12 PM, Tidus79001 said:

Albert is there any update on the search feature on the main website for looking up game titles?

I'm going to work on fixing that today.



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I'm sure there are more important things on the list, but Al, have you decided if you're going to change the "Like" icon from a heart to a thumbs up like I suggested (and others agreed with and provided sample "thumbs up" options)?


Additionally, and I think I may have come across this referenced a while back on here post-forum upgrade, but could time stamps on posts and messages be more exact? For example, it's not all that helpful to see "23 hours ago," "18 hours ago," etc. Perhaps something like "Today at 12:06 AM" instead of "16 Hours ago." I get that "5 minutes ago" has a clean look and feel to it, so maybe anything under X time (five hours?) get the minute/hour rule and anything beyond that gets a specific time stamp? Feel like that would help a lot...

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