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I'm trying to communticate to tcpser in my pi via RS232. Although I loaded the alternate driver HSMOD v6. It seems I cannot get any communication, tweaked both sides to same settings (9600 baud, no flow, no parity).


I can even see the settings in the control panel, but no data passing through.


Do you know if it requires a null modem cable instead of just a gender changer?







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2 computers without modems needs a null modem cable to be able to talk to each other. It flips some wires in the cable, for example the send is connected to receive in the other end, handshaking, carrie detect and so on.

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Guess so, but in the Pi side I’m running a modem emulator. It responds to AT commands. My concern is that both the cable and the Atari DB25 connector were male adapters.


Probably I’ll have to test the pins to make sure it matches 

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