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XEL/XLD - Original Forum Threads

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To get things kicked off, here are @mytek's original forum threads where he announced and developed both of these amazing boards:


First, the original project, a mini-ATX 8-bit wonder:




Next, the current project, a re-imagined A8, coming soon to a disused 1050 case near you!




Third, Michael's own site, home to design details like schematics, PIC chip firmware, etc:




Fourth, general information and discussion on @flashjazzcat's incredible U1MB firmware, without which these boards simply cannot function (not an exaggeration!):


U1MB "Alternate" BIOS


Fifth, general discussion of MIDI on the A8 machines, via either stand-alone vintage MIDIMate interfaces, one of my Michael's SIO2MIDI boards, or through the 1088XLD's integrated MIDI interface:


MIDI on the A8 Platform


Tangentially-related, another link of interest:


Compatible Media for XEL-CF interfaces and SID2 Carts


If anyone else thinks of good links to try to collate into one easy-to-find thread, please feel free to post them in this thread. 




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