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AtariMania missing Antic Magazine files

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I was just looking through the AtariMania site and noticed a couple of missing Antic Magazine Type-ins.


Well over a year ago I compiled quite a few of the then missing files and posted them here. It looks like some of those have been placed on the sight but many haven't. It took a lot of time and effort to compile these and I don't want to see them disappear into the ether so I am posting the still missing files here in the hope that the AtariMania moderators would see them. 


Beachcomber - October/November 1989 (Vol. 08 - No. 06)

Beam Me Up - October/November 1989 (Vol. 08 - No. 06)

Discovery Incident, The - October/November 1989 (Vol. 08 - No. 06)

Dungeon Masters Apprentice - January 1986 (Vol. 04 - No. 09)

Gold Mine and the Princess, The - April/May 1990 (Vol. 09 - No, 01)

Planetfill - March 1989 (Vol. 07 - No. 11)

Roulette (B. Marquardt) - January 1987 (Vol. 05 - No. 09) 

Roulette (M. Pemberton) - February 1989 (Vol. 07 - No. 10) 


Most of these games have machine language loaders and have been placed on self booting ATR discs. All require BASIC and some take a while to load, so be patient. 




Missing Antic Files.zip

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Things usually take lots of time because we tend to concentrate on rarer stuff but we'll add these gradually. There's just so much material in the backlog that it's sometimes difficult to choose what to upload! Allan was also doing all by himself these past two or three years so we need to catch up with a number of things.



Atari Frog


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