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Are these Source ports feasible?

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6 hours ago, JagChris said:

Link was removed on Reddit.


Alright I did some digging and here's an description of what was in the leak.
MK3_runtime_windows_7_9_96- Basically a build of the windows game from July 9, 1996. In order to play it, grab your favorite iso editing program like winiso or something and put all of the files into an iso. Make sure it is labeled "MK3PCCDROM" or mk3w.exe will bitch at you about there being no cd-rom inserted.
MK3_build_windows_1_4_96- Contents are identical to MK3_runtime_windows_7_9_96. Most likely a mistake by the uploader.
MK3_sound- Various music and soundbytes from the game. All in lossless form.
MK3_source_playstation_4_8_95 - This one just contains the tools from the sdks the developers used for the game. No source code is in this folder.
MK3_source_windows_RC2 - This folder is both mislabeled and the most interesting one from the leak. There is no source code for the windows version of the game, instead it contains source code for the psx version (which can be found in the zip archives) and also the arcade version However, files are missing for both of them so I don't think they can be compiled completely un;ess someone is up for rewriting shit. The "MUSIC" folder in rc2 contains all of the game's soundbytes in various formats including the original midis! Also, the rom files and a makefile for the march 28 1996 build of the arcade version of mk3anonymous is in this folder for some odd reason. Again, files are missing and it can't be built. Lastly. there's a passworded archive with the password "rosie"
MK3_source_windows_final_7_29_96- The nearly complete source code for the windows version of MK3. This one is only missing a couple of files so maybe it can be built idk
MKTRILOGY_source_N64- Contains all of the source code and assets for the nintendo 64 version of mk trilogy. I think this is the only mk game from the leak that can be compiled as all of the files it needs are present. Also, roms from the april 1 1996, may 13, 1996, and july 29 1996 builds of the game are in the folder
11/15/18(Thu)08:20:38 No.5163585
>>5163564 #
Known missing files:

win95.i- A file that is referenced in a lot of shit in the mk3 windows source. Not sure why such an important file is left out.

mkblood.psx- A file in the psx source that maps all of the frames for the blood. Luckily, a companion .atd file can be found in the trilogy source. All you need to do to recreate is change the syntax and do quite a bit of modifying to make it match typical .psx files.

mkguts.psx- A file in the psx source that maps all of the frames for the guts seen in fatalities. For some reason, I couldn't find a companion .atd file for this. It must have been renamed for trilogy or something like that.

pitfatal.psi & pitfatal.psx - A file in the psx source that maps all of the frames for the pit fatalities, specificially for the pit III stage. Companion .ATT and .ATD files can be found in the trilogy source, named as "PITSAW". I noticed that the syntax for the .ATT file is very different compaired to what's typically in .PSI files. Perhaps someone with more experience with this can help us out on how to remake pitfatal.psi.
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6 hours ago, JagChris said:

Link was removed on Reddit.

11/17/18(Sat)05:34:47 No.5166856
>>5163585 #
Turns out mkguts,psx is just a copy of mkblood.psx. The devs I guess just moved the directory sometime after creating the makefile. This is also the case for pitfatal.psi, as it can be successfully recreated from copying the contents from SAW7075.psi. Still can't find win95.i though.
11/17/18(Sat)06:06:54 No.5166878
>>5166856 #
It seems like win95.i was a hodgepodge of all of the externals that were originally in the .S module files in the PSX and n64 code. This explains why there is no .s files at all in the source in the windows version. I wonder if one of their cleanup scripts deleted the file on accident.
11/17/18(Sat)07:34:57 No.5166946
>>5166392 #
Not sure which ones in specific are but a lot of them should be located in
11/17/18(Sat)16:27:39 No.5167639
According to someone in the original thread, it works just fine in an everdrive.

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