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Feature Request: Filter Reputation and Reactions

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This may be only specific to me and a few people, so I get if it is not a priority.  I'd like a way to choose what type of reputation I can see in a given view.




Above I can see Reactions given and received.  There's obviously something not quite done yet that will take care of the math, but it would be cool just view the "Reactions Received" or to be able to see only a certain type of reaction received (like "Thanks"). 


Interestingly, reactions do show up in my activity on my profile and in "All Activity," but I didn't quickly find a way to build a custom stream for them.  Maybe I missed it?

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I actually discovered there are 2 different "views" of the reputation.  One is right on your profile where it gives you a readout report of all your activity including reputation.  In that view it begins the statement with the alias of the person who gave the feedback:




You can also click on See Reputation Activity in the top left and that opens a different view:



Click "Posts" in the left sidebar and voila




Here the statement always begins with your alias name, but thankfully there is a little picture so you can quickly discern if it was you giving the feedback or receiving it.  However, I'd still like to be able to view only feedback received or add other filters.

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