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Virtual Boy Games -- more Nintendo, Sony, PC, GG blue shell, TG, etc stuff trade/buy (New List, not the old from last year)

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I didn't want to do this but I can't edit the other post where I had a Virtual Boy I solder fixed for sale (which sold) along with Golf+Box (that still hasn't.)  I also have Red Alarm and Wario Land as well both just the game alone and they're in great shape with clean labels too.  The other stuff in that image if it's of interest feel free to ask, it'll be later ebay/trade bait stuff I haven't got around to taking pictures of yet.


Because I don't have good pictures of this stuff as I was looking to deal with it on ebay in a month or more once I get rid of some stuff, feel free to ask and I can use my phone to snap something better.

If your eye went to the TG stuff, Side Arms is complete, China Warrior has no manual, and Ninja Spirit regretfully is NO game, but manual and case so it'll help someone complete one again.  Anything else in the image is all complete in their respective boxes, cases, or otherwise containers as intended.  The TG games front common clear plastic jewel cases are worn fairly well but easily replaced from any other CD case you have.


The black case is for a Game Gear.  Inside is a failed project that committed suicide on me repeatedly as I fixed it.  There is the SHELL only of a blue game gear in great shape with a brand new handheld legend glass lens installed on the front.  There is also still a sealed up handheld legend LED strip to replace the CFL in that little bubble mailer.  Inside there is the tray with a small corner crack (no harm to hold), Sonic2 and Pac-Attack in dust clips, OEM AC Adapter too.  I'd just like to get out from under that miserable loss the best I can if anyone needs the parts.



I typically only ship to US addresses.  Shipping starts around $3 and goes up in first class mail zone distance to priority or parcel select based on weight/choice.



10    Sid Meier's Sim Golf
5    Quake II PC jewel case
15    Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth
10    Sid Meier's Civilization Gold Edition
25    Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1, 2, & 3 Version 3

5    Atari Flashback Blast! Vol. 1, Centipede New/Boxed
7    Family Feud (New) handheld Basic Fun 2016


30    Sega Game Gear Blue Shell, Glass Lens Installed, Handheld Legend LED new, AC Adapter, 3rd party case, Sonic2+PacAttack


20    Turbo Grafx 16 Sidearms Complete
10    Turbo Grafx 16 China Warrior Game+Case - No Manual
20    Turbo Grafx 16 Ninja Spirit Case+Manual - No Game

7    Vintage Imperial Dinosaur Triceratops Plastic Orange Yellow 1985 Hong Kong


7    PS1 Final Fantasy Chronicles
7   PS1 Dance Dance Revolution
5    PS1 Patriotic Pinball
20    PS1 Bushido Blade
20    PS1 Dead or Alive
10    PS1 Fighting Force
6    PS1 Jet Moto 2
5    PS1 Power Move Pro Wrestling
7.5    PS1 Tomb Raider 2

13    PS3 Sixaxis Controller
50    PS2 Slim, 2 controllers, 1 memory card, av+ac cables, 5 games
5    PS2 Crazy Taxi
11    PS2 Phantasy Star Universe
10    GameShark Video Game Enhancer Ps1 Playstation one Disc Only Tested Game Shark


6    Nintendo Wii Controller White
30    Official Nintendo GameCube Wavebird Wireless Receiver ONLY DOL-005
30    8Bitdo Black SN30 SNES Bluetooth Controller with SNES Retro Receiver
30    Nintendo SNES Advantage Joystick
15    OEM NES AC Adapter and RF Cable


10    Nintendo 3DS Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal

20    Nintendo Switch Starlink Battle for Atlas - Nintendo Switch Starter Edition
25    Nintendo Switch Code of Princess EX

5    Nintendo Gamecube LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy


20    Nintendo Virtual Boy - Red Alarm
20    Nintendo Virtual Boy - Virtual Boy Wario Land


40    Original Nintendo Gameboy DMG, new black translucent shell (ask for picture)
30    Lime Green Gameboy Color (repop battery cover slight mismatch, refurbed with new speaker, new lens, cleaned inside and out) (ask for picture)
50    Cobalt Blue Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP AGS-001 Charger Adapter Games Bundle (ask about the games, system, they're not pictured)

30    Grape Indigo Original Game Boy Advance AGB-001, cleaned inside/out, new GLASS lens, new battery door with salvaged OEM sticker.


10   GBA Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
5    GBA Rayman Advance

10    GBC Mega Man Xtreme
20    GBC Shadowgate Classic CIB
8    GBC Toki Tori


5    GB Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku
10    GB Gauntlet II
6    GB James Bond 007
50???    GB Pinball Dreams CIB (I'd rather trade on this if possible, value on it is questionably higher but not lower, uncertain)
6    GB Wizards & Warriors Fortress of Fear









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UPDATE: I've had some interest in a few items, working on PMs back and forward at the moment.



I guess we can still not update our own posts.  Why?!


I was wanting to edit in that I'm happy with trades too.  If you had the right CIB Nintendo DS (maybe 3DS too), Complete PSP games, cheap Neo Geo MVS (SS1, AoF1, Sengoku 1) games, CIB PCE Hucard, the right 80s or late 70s vintage toys, or some specific Virtual Boy items I'd be happy to go that route too.


With VB I have a spendy annoying bit to get through remaining Waterworld + its Box, 3D Tetris Box, Nesters Box, Instructions+Manual to Jack Bros (ugh) and beyond that Space Squash from Japan would be cool or the prototypes on cart for Faceball and Space Pinball.

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