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Kong Blitz!

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Kong Blitz runs in Extended Basic and is not just another Bomber game, it features King Kong. 


Kong appears on the right side of the screen and goes for a stroll across the city.  He'll randomly climb buildings that are high enough.


You get 100 bonus points if you can drop a bomb on Kong whilst he climbs and it will knock him into the water with a splash!


You need to kill kong before you drop too low, or knock him off the building in good time 'cos in either case he will grab your plane and kill you.


Press Fire on Joystick-1 to drop bombs.




KBLITZ.zip <-- XB version

kblitz.zip <-- Edit/Ass Opt.5 version

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Thanks guys.   A friend of mine saw the video and made a suggestion about when the plane crashes, he said it would be awesome if the pilot came through the front of the plane and flew across the sky! 😂


I might make that happen at some point lol

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I dowloaded the EA5 version and there is 3 files in the zip. E,F and G, do I just load E and it calls F and G?



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