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Coco 3 Owner, New to this Machine.

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Hello.  I am the proud owner of a COCO3.  Just wanted to introduce myself before I start going through the Forum.  Can you recommend any old books that I should read.  I might read them on archive.org so if you know of anything to start with I would appreciate it.  My efforts to pick up a multicart or SD Card based drive have left me at a dead end.  Nothing seems to be in current production?


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There are several other resources you could check out.

There is a discord server dedicated to the CoCo, facebook pages, the Color Computer Mailing List, CoCoTalk weekly live talk show, the CoCo Crew Podcast, etc...


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Hi airsoftmodels:


I'm a long time Apple ][ and Commodore C64 user, and I am still fairly new to the Color Computer...  I got my first one in the Fall of 2012...


All the the above links are a great starting point, plus I would recommend, http://imacoconut.com/, as an aggregator to all the above links plus a few others..  Like Emulators and other Hardware Vendors..



Just to give a bit of background, the Tandy CoCo is built on the Motorola 6809, ( MC6809 ), and has a BASIC that was developed by Micro-Soft, and is quite similar to the 6502 BASIC found in the Commodore C64 and Apple ]['s APPLESOFT.  In fact the the Hidden Easter Egg is still located in the ROMs  :



Also, if you don't mind De-Soldering your CPU, there is an Upgraded CPU from Hitachi, called the 6309, ( HD6309 ), that runs identically in Emulation Mode, and when switched to Native Mode will run your code faster, at the same Clock Speeds:






I "hang out" on the TRS-80 Discord Server, quite a bit, so if you want to ask a lot of question, of me or some other CoCoNuts, come join us......



( Disclaimer:  I'm an Admin on the TRS-80 Discord Server, so I'm probable biased... )



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The two zip archives at the bottom of this page ought to give you a good start:


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