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Old Classic Issue - Scratched Screen

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Hi Guys,

First post so sorry if its been covered a million times before but couldn't find a result when I searched.


1:Can the screen on a Lynx 2 be replaced with a new/aftermarket one ?

2:Can you somehow , de scratch the screen with some sort of paste ?

3:Any thoughts welcome..





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yes - 


unsure about the replacement front lens, someone might be able point you in the right direction. i'd say yes you'd probably just have to track one down, they are just stuck there with a bit of tape.

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The Lynx 2 plastic screen is attached by 4 clips that are prone to break. The quality of the plastic is also quite bad compared to glass or nothing.


You could check with http://www.best-electronics-ca.com

They have a lot of spare parts.


Another choice is to use some cleaning products to polish away the scratches.


I had one plastic that was really cracked. So I just milled away the transparent part of the plastics and used the Lynx 2 with no plastic cover for the LCD. For this screen I also added polarizing filters from an old laptop LCD between the lamp and the original Lynx LCD. The result was a lot better contrast.

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