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10 hours ago, phaeron said:


I can't reproduce the Performance Analyzer crash. It's strange, because the Profile button just opens the profile pane in the analyzer, and that won't do anything if you haven't recorded a trace yet.


Looks like you added it in 3.10, it doesn't work in that version either. I tried launching Altirra without any image so it just goes into Altirra OS, also used an empty Altirra.ini file just in case then went into PerfAn->profile->crash


Is it the same thing as profile->profile view ? because that one is greyed out for me


I'm on W8, maybe that makes a difference?


Suggestion: Would it be possible to have an auto-update disassembly window flag ? (by right clicking on said window perhaps?) so that whenever some self modifying code trickery occurs you don't miss it... just an idea...



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