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Sega CD best games?

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Thunderhawk (very different to Amiga/ST version)


Wolfchild (improves/expands on the cartridge version)




Final Fight


The Terminator (shames the cart version)


Batman Returns (stunning 3D sections and platform sections tweaked)


Ecco The Dolphin (Q sound alone makes it worthy over cart version).


Eternal Champions



I'm not a fan of Soulstar myself..Core pushed the Sega CD furthest yet, but i found it a rather weak Galaxy Force clone myself.


Snatcher..never seen what the fuss was about, but should of held onto it, given what it goes for now.


Jaguar XJ220 was another dissapointment,  but has it's fans. 


Tried Sonic CD on Sega CD then PSN remaster..not for me.


Nor was Earthworm Jim..Sega CD version has extra level, but it's a weak addition to the main game.

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I play the Sega CD using the Fusion emulator (for those who don't know, the Fusion emulator plays Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X ROM's).


For the Sega CD, if you like shooters then Lords of Thunder, Robo Aleste, Keio Flying Squadron, and Android Assault are awesome.

Sonic CD is very good and Snatcher is great for those who like to spend time on a futuristic adventure/novel.

In terms of sports titles, the Sega CD can't compare to the Genesis.

It's got a few good fighting games like Final Fight.

Batman Returns is excellent.

RPG's like Lunar 1 & 2 and Shining Force are great.

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Some that I liked include




Eternal Champions something something Dark Side

Sonic CD


Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Heart of the Alien


It's not an amazing system, but it has hidden depth. Greg Sewart does a video series about it which is worth a look if you like this era of games. I don't usually say this, but in the case of the Sega CD, I think it's more fun to watch the videos than play the games. 


https://www.youtube.com/generation16 is the channel



and here's the first episode




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Gonna echo some choices from earlier in the thread:




Sonic CD (which is not my favorite Sonic game like it is for some, but it's solid)


Lunar (specifically Eternal Blue; I'd rather play Silver Star Story on PS1 for that game)

Shining Force CD


Also some un-mentioned ones so far:

Amazing Spider-Man vs the Kingpin (also on Genesis but the soundtrack is great)

Flashback (same as Spider-Man)

Road Avenger


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I enjoy Pitfall the Mayan Adventure CD. Best version, has the most levels and best redbook audio CD soundtrack!  


Ill parrot the recommends for Sonic , Terminator, Both Eccos, and Batman Returns. And Robo Aleste. 


I also think NHL 94 CD is fantastic, the extra FMV and organ tunes really add to the mood. 

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Dark Wizard

Lords of Thunder (slightly easier than the PC Engine version, but also not as colorful)

Android Assault


Popful Mail


the problem is the games I just listed are pretty pricy. You can get into REALLY pricy territory with stuff like Snatcher or Keio Flying Squadron, but burning discs is an option.

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