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No box art or movies shown on Neogenesis for Xbox

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I own a couple of original Xboxes that were softmodded by other people.


Overtime I’ve learned to mod them myself and I can get Coinops running no problem.


I prefer Neogenesis for playing Genesis, but I can’t get the box art or movies to show on the game select screen.  They would appear on the other Xboxes, but when I copied over Neogenesis (via FTP) to my new Xbox, that feature stopped working.  Everything else works great, and I made no changes, even using the same partition letter.


I’ve gone through all the config files and directories with no luck, although I can get screenshots to appear.  A web search hasn’t turned up anything either.  I’ve had the same issue with Z26 and the NES emulator for Xbox too.  Makes me think there is something simple I am not understanding.


Thank you for any help.

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I ended up deleting the emulators, then Ftp'ing new ones from another Xbox softmodded by someone else.


When I configure the new ones to show screenshots, they actually show xmv preview movies, so go figure.  Still better than nothing though.  It's weird that a feature as simple as showing different media at the game select screen can be this troublesome.


Overall, the emulators are pretty solid, even if there are some glitches.  Like they all play the background music even after you tell it not to.  Hearing the same 30 second song was annoying so I deleted the mp3 just to be done with it.  Anyway, I will probably figure out how to show box art by accident some day.  Thanks for reading.

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