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I have for sale a NeoTeam Magic Key II (MVS to AES adapter) + MVS 161-n-1 banana cart.

The Magic Key II is the blue version (not the green version) updated to the then latest firmware (2.0), ideally all official MVS games should play with it but I have not tried any besides the aforementioned banana cart.

Both of them are yours in bundle for 210 USD + S&H (Paypal friend and family, US only).

The Magic Key II has been modded with a switch to allow disabling the onboard unibios, the banana cart has been modded to add a couple of capacitors on the 2 sound traces that fix the fact that sometimes volume suddenly jumps/drops (it's not a 100% solution but I found it works much much better than the unmodded ones).

I tested the bundle as of 6/25/2019 at 8:30PM and it all worked (I tried SVC chaos+ out of the banana cart).


Interesting fact about the Magic Key II adapter: when NeoTeam built it they copied the onboard unibios without Razoola permission, they settled and paid Razoola partially via a certain number of these adapters the he had to sell himself, this is one of those adapters that I bought directly from him .... it's not really different than the regular ones, there's no Razoola autograph or anything to prove one way or another, just a fun fact about it (it comes in it's original box).

Note that the Magic Key II onboard Unibios does not work with the MVS 161-n-1 banana cart so you have to keep the switch on the off position when playing it, but the combo works just fine if you have a Unibios on your AES motherboard instead (and you should definitely have one), the combo works perfectly with Unibios 4 pick'n'mix feature (instant play of about 95 distinct MVS games, not even NeoSD pro to RAM is that fast).



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If you don't think this is the right price feel free to offer.


The Magic Key II (green) on eBay is still around 300+USD (can't find a place to compare for the blue), the banana cart is around 70 .... if you have an UniBios4 with pick'n'mix the fact that you can play instantaneously 95 or so MVS games makes this combo worthy imho, any other bios still allows the cart selection menu to work.

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