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Must play homebrew games for Coleco?

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Hi, I'm still quite a newbie when it comes to Colecovision and was just wondering if I can get some homebrew recommendations.  

Currently I have played some great titles like SHMUP, Pac-Man and Space Invaders collection, King's Valley and Stray Cat.  All great homebrew games. 


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There arer a lot of homebrew games here for coleco. 

Some ports are excellent and then there are a lot of one of a kind homebrews that aren't available on any other systems.


Since you liked Pac-man, SHUMP

I'd suggest

Frantic ( a sort of sequel to frenzy)

I really liked deep dungeon (pixelboy)

We just played star force in the high score club which was quite good 

mario bros

Caos Begins

penguin adventure




There's a bunch

check out a mostly complete list here:



You should check out the coleco high score club above as we play a different game every week or so and you can post scores and converse about the game strategy

Insert other media

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Great suggestions above; I second those. 


In addition to those:


Pitfall Arcade



Cabbage Patch Kids (Opcode)




The Goonies

Lode Runner


Elevator Action

Light Grid Racing 

Dragon’s Lair (Team Pixelboy Cartridge Ed.)

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I concur with the already mentioned: Elevator Action, Goonies, Light Grid Racing, Lode Runner, & Mario Bros. 

On ‎6‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 8:56 AM, digress said:

Frantic ( a sort of sequel to frenzy)

I wasn't even aware of this; thank you for mentioning it. 


Not yet mentioned: Astro Invader, Bagman, Caverns of Titan, Cix, Cold Blood, Cye, Frostbite, Galaga, Hole In One, Miss Space Fury, Module Man, Pacar, Rally X, Secret of The Moai, Side Trak, Spectar, & Sydney Hunter(s). 


Some "unreleased" prototypes: Dig Dug, Escape From The Mindmaster, Fireman/Fireworks Factory, Pac-Man, & Steamroller


So many others but some I've only played for a minute and others I have yet to play at all.  

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Soon of Nibbler

Zombie Near

Pang / Buster Bros

Princess Quest

Quest for Golden Calice

Risky Risk

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There are so many good Colecovision homebrews, trying to name the best ones is a tough task without creating an enormous list. Some which come to mind right away would be:


Steamroller - Out of thousands of games I have played, across all platforms this is one of the best. Steamroller definitively kicked off my passion for Colecovision homebrews. I want to thank the creator of this game for enriching my life, truly. It's well balanced, has excellent controls, good degrees of difficulty, engaging level design, fun sound effects, smooth animations, and a very satisfying scoring system. Survive enough levels and the enemy steamroller gets smarter, but you get more powerful items to help you. This game is a gem and I hope more people discover what it has to offer. I could go on for quite a while about Steamroller, but there are other games which need mentioning. 


Lock'N Chase - A worthy update to a tried and true classic. With any maze based game, the controls need to be absolutely on point to keep the player coming back to chase that elusive high score. This iteration of Lock'N Chase does not disappoint, as the motion of the character on screen is as fluid and snappy as your hands are nimble. This game is one of very few I have played where I feel so into the game as to achieve a momentary "oneness" with the character on screen and achieve a state of gaming bliss which can't fully be described with words. The classic four stages of difficulty selection is a nice touch to allow any skill level to enjoy the game. It really shines when playing on skill level three as the enemies become devilishly smart, but they are still out maneuverable given enough forethought. The classic maze is included and it is as addictive as ever. Creating strategies to time those precious object bonus pickups is still one of the most satisfying payoffs in arcade style gaming. For a different experience, there exists another mode consisting of new mazes to conquer, sure to challenge even the most crafty and sure-footed thieves. I grew up playing the intellivision version of Lock'N Chase, fell in love with it, and the Colecovision version stole my heart all over again. It amazes me I don't see more talk about this underrated, must-play game. 


King & Balloon - Everyone who enjoys two-gate shooters probably has a favorite, and King & Balloon is mine. The controls are simple- move left, right, and shoot the balloons. Master your movement and shot speeds to begin your high score journey. Learn how to keep that blundering king out of the enemy's clutches and watch your score skyrocket. The unorthodox play style of being able to have your cannon destroyed without losing a life sets this apart from other games in the genre. You only lose a life if your king is carried off the screen by a balloon. When you get a last second king save by flying across the screen and making a miraculous shot to that fleeting balloon, you will know true exhilaration. Also worth mentioning is the hilarious "thank you" sound effect the king makes when you save him. My girlfriend does a great impression of it.. always makes me laugh. 


Bank Panic - Stop the bank robbers with quick reflexes and your shooting iron. I love a nice, visceral reflex test sometimes, and Bank Panic delivers exactly that with progressive complexities as the levels go on. This is another game I have lost countless hours to. I'm sort of at a loss for words on this one, so I will simply say the challenge in later levels becomes exquisite. I can't say I have played many games like this, so if anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it.


Cix - If I were to describe Cix in one word, it would be mesmerizing. The fluid controls require absolutely accurate execution, which is the incredibly addictive attribute to this game. The choice to play super safe and progress smoothly or to play aggressive and clear levels lightning fast keeps this game on my consistent playlist. Master the controls and ascend to levels of play not thought possible by mere mortals. Be warned, this game may consume you. It has come for me. I do not wish to be saved.


Girl's Garden - A delightful romp of flower picking, bear dodging madness. Risk life and limb to collect flowers and prove your love. I feel like I haven't mastered the art of getting away from bears, but it's fun trying anyway.


Cye - When you want a more relaxing, thinker of a game. Well designed and fun with co-op.


Joust - This is a home run and scratches the itch to play real Joust on your Colecovision perfectly. 


Jeepers Creepers - Gameplay becomes frantic. If you emerge victorious, it will be through heart pounding tribulations. Play the higher difficulty for a descent into madness. 


Golgo 13 - Shoot the windows out on the train and watch out for those pesky helicopters! Fantastic game and satisfies the need to shoot the hell out of some windows if the urge ever arises. 


Jet Pack! - This game may seem simple upon first impression, but make no mistake. The decisions necessary in keeping pace with the flying rocks become complex quickly. Snagging the powerups and bonuses while zooming around the rocks can be so fluid, you will feel otherworldly if you can get in the zone. I have seen the sun come up playing this game more times than I can count. Just one more quick round!


Wizard of Wor - Pacman meets The Thing. Get out there and shoot some monsters! Watch the radar for invisible dudes and seek out safe areas to defend. Great rendition of the arcade hit.


Booming Boy - I just got this game recently and I am definitely enjoying it. I need more time with it and look forward to every minute. Blow stuff up with boomboxes to collect powerups and bonuses. 


There's more to tell, but now I just want to go play some games. 

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On ‎7‎/‎1‎/‎2019 at 8:39 AM, youki said:

Risky Risk

Definitely.  Very impressive game considering it does not require the SGM. 

On ‎7‎/‎1‎/‎2019 at 12:00 PM, WispFollower said:

Wizard of Wor

Without a doubt.  An incredible adaption of the arcade game.  


I'd like to also mention Gauntlet which isn't necessarily a homebrew game but ought to be considered for this topic. 

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