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Irata.Online connection Help

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Anyone using real hardware with a UDS-10 to connect to Irata.Online using Platoterm that can help me out?

I have a Stock 800XL, load Platoterm disk version with a 1050 drive, have also tried the 1.1lite platoterm Cart version. 

Atari 850 hooked up to the UDS-10 with a CX-87 cable. Then the UDS-10 hooked up to a Xfinity Cable modem/router

Setup has been solid and works great on all the BBS' (thanx to the fine folks that helped me getting it setup from here!)

Load Platoterm, get loud 2 sec beep loading 850 R: handler, than have the constant baud tone. Type AT in Platoterm, get return OK

Type ATDTIrata.Online:8005 to connect...pause, then No Carrier.

Here is my UDS-10 confiq I am using to try to connect to Irata

*** basic parameters 
Hardware: Ethernet Autodetect 
IP addr -, no gateway set
DHCP device name : UDS-10

*** Security
SNMP is              enabled
SNMP Community Name: public
Telnet Setup is      enabled
TFTP Download is     enabled
Port 77FEh is        enabled
Web Server is        enabled
ECHO is              disabled
Enhanced Password is disabled

*** Channel 1
Baudrate 1200, I/F Mode 4C, Flow 00
Port 10001
Connect Mode : 56
Auto increment source port disabled
Remote IP Adr: --- none ---, Port 00000
Disconn Mode : 81
Flush   Mode : 00

*** Expert
TCP Keepalive    : 45s
ARP cache timeout: 600s
Monitor Mode @ bootup : enabled
HTTP Port Number : 80


Any tips would be great, Thanx

Doug   NJ

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I don't have a UDS, but I've read that the UDS doesn't support DNS.... So you'd change your command:






or something close to that.

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Posted (edited)

almost correct






Edited by _The Doctor__
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