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Hello AtariAge, I've used this forum a lot recently to find information about Atari, and was inspired enough to try out batariBasic & visualbB.
Some background: I already know plenty of languages between basics, scripts, and more srs bzns. I'm always interested in new ways to make games. I like that you can use ASM as well, it seems like an easy way to transition into it. So anyway, I downloaded and installed the above mentioned, learned how to use the language and IDE, made a simple Atari 2600 game, and had it on my TV all within 2 days, talk about speedy development! Thoroughly impressed and ready to dig a little deeper into the rabbit hole of Atari programming :)

So here's the fruits of less than 48 hours of labor. This is my first attempt at making anything for the 2600 so it's pretty simple, I didn't do anything mind-blowing, I was more or less just interested in seeing what could be done quickly. I don't see why anyone would care to see bas but I will provide it if someone asks for it.

Official Website (more info)

Direct download of binary below...


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