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(Finished) CRT - The Chromatic

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Help CRT, the chromatic alien life form, to find his way through 255 levels of increasing difficulty. Collect Rainbow Gems for power, defeat Evil Things that want to suck all the color out of existence, and bring color to the universe. Thank you to Zeropage Homebrew for giving me some ideas on things I could fix, and thank you Karl G for providing the statusbaronly mini-kernel.


Final Version:
Gem rooms: 25 points each, restore HP (40% chance)
Mob rooms: 100 points each, chases player (40% chance)
Boss rooms: 500 points and full HP upon kill, uses a beam attack (20% chance)

level 2: pfpixels flip randomly each new level
level 4: permanent wall 1 (right)
level 6: permanent wall 2 (right)
level 8: permanent wall 3 (center)
level 10: permanent wall 4 (left)
level 16: rainbow strobing playfields
level 18: 1 pixel reverse scanline
level 20: 2 pixel reverse scanline
level 22: 4 pixel reverse scanline
level 24: playfield flashes visible/invisible
Enemies: 1 to 3 + (level/4) enemy spawns
Gems: 4 + (level/4) gem spawns
Bosses: 4 to 5 + (level/2) Boss HP

Main screen: select level from 1-255 using up/down, start with fire or select.
Game: move with up/down/left/right, shoot with fire, collect gems, kill enemies, advance to the next room when the north wall opens up. Reset switch returns to title screen. Left Difficulty Switch toggles the constant HP drain.
Game Over: use the Reset Switch to return to title


*Not Recommended for people with photo-sensitive epilepsy*



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Original WIP (alpha):



Level 3 and onward: left side of screen has pfpixels randomly flipped on each new room loaded
Level 6 and onward: Obstruction added to right side.
Level 9 and onward: Second right playfield obstruction

Level 12 and onward: Final large obstruction (stretching into the middle play area)

Level 15 and onward: Extra enemies on shooting screens equal to level / 4 ( so 4 extra spawns at level 16 and so on)

Level 20: Crazy rainbow strobing starts

Level 22: Reverse-moving scanline added as distraction

Level 23: scanline doubles in width

Level 24: scanline doubles again

Level 25: playfield becomes invisible

There's no ending, it's just survival/score based like classic Atari. You use up/down on the titlescreen to select a starting level from 1-15, and then press fire or hit the select switch to start playing. 






Level select increased from 1-15 to 1-255
gem and enemy spawns are more balanced and more directly based on the level
party lights no longer make jarring noises
enemy movement slightly more random
hitting an enemy with your shot now resets the shooting delay
"invisible" levels given a more fair lightning-flash effect
health bar & game over added
BW switch can be used to disable the constant HP drain
Reset switch returns you to title from game/game over
small tweaks to the score handling and coloring
CRT has 4-directional sprites
fixed a glitch that occasionally caused an enemy room to be empty



Boss rooms added + boss attack & sfx
reworked the level #s for playfield changes
fixed mistake of repeated sprite data in the source
reworked timing of certain counters
small tweaks to random-driven events
moved the HP drain toggle to left difficulty switch
reached the maximum for a 4k ROM


Final version added to first post.



Edited by Sknarp
Final version added to first post.
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