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Atari 8-Bit Graphics Capabilities

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There was also this render of a sample screen from Rainbow Islands.  In this case we have a 14 color Antic 4 mode.  The flickering was not real bad here apparently.




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The pics are named RGB9, because they use Gr. 9 (not 11), one picture should use 16 red tones (R), the next 16 green tones (G) and the last one 16 blue tones (B). The problem I see, why the pics look so bad on PAL machines is that Jeff Potter (JP) used a fixed NTSC colour palette for both Apacview and Jview (and several of his other picture converters). If I remember correctly, the A8 has in its NTSC palette two red tones (in 8 or 16 luminances), whereas PAL has 1 brown tone and one red tone at that place (in 8 or 16 luminances). So, if JP used the NTSC red tone in his Apacview or Jview palette that's actually a brown tone on PAL, this would explain why the RGB pictures look so bad on PAL (no red available). Unsure, why the RGB15 pics look so much better in comparison, since they should have the same (palette) problem as the RGB9 pics...


In Apacview JP used an external palette (named Apacdat.OBJ on my image, length 33 sectors), in ILBMRead he also used an external palette (named IFFdat.OBJ on my image, same palette, length 33 sectors), but it seems that the palette is internal in JView and Colrview. Would be nice to get these converters with PAL palettes or a program that checks if a PAL or NTSC system is there and then sets the appropriate palette, but I know that will never happen (only in my dreams), so I have to live with it. Attached are some of the Graphic converters I used in the past, including Apacview, Jview, Colrview and several others...


And errm, allthough the uploaded A8 RGB pictures look quite pale, the original pictures were not pale at all, quite the opposite, they were very colourful and had rich colours (Nintendo-style). Maybe I can find them again and post some examples... 



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