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Hello guys, thanks for accepting me to the community. I recently purchased this CIB Halloween for the Atari 2600 and just want to see if my box is a reproduction or authentic. The manual and cartridge are 100% real but the box looks way too shiny and raised some flags for me.


If you own an authentic Halloween CIB for the Atari 2600 please confirm with me if your box has a plastic film over it and if yours is shiny as well. Also I noticed inside the box is a small stamp, if you own the box please tell me if yours has this stamp inside it or not (last picture). 



  • Has an old price sticker
  • Manual and cartridge are real 
  • buyer has good reviews
  • Wizard video games was a small company and did half ass work sometimes not even printing labels. Their work isn't sharp as we can see a white bar on the label of the cartridge
  • box has a cartridge holder inside
  • other stock images online look to be shiny as well



  • price sticker looks like it was glued on purposefully/tampered
  • box seems blurry and has a plastic film on it 
  • box is way too shiny and glossy
  • Other Atari box's don't have this style/texture/plastic film over it
  • artwork isn't sharp and looks faded/printed poorly


halloween 1.jpg

halloween 2.jpg

halloween 3.jpg

halloween 4.jpg

halloween 6.jpg

halloween 7.jpg

halloween 8.jpg

halloween 9.jpg

halloween 10.jpg

halloween 5.jpg

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I only have a cheap repro the came from Etsy. But I can tell you that the one in your pics is likely totally legit, or someone put a lot of extra work in that for a repor. The box insert and the printers marking in that bottom pic sell it as legit to me. But someone else who has one can probably officially confirm it.

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Can’t confirm as I don’t have a box for mine, but based upon my past experience it sure looks real to me. 

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