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FS: PSX Educational Games

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I recently happened across a full box of Edutainment games for the original Playstation.  After sorting out originals so I could have those on hand, I've got TONS of duplicates I'm willing to sell.


Subject Volume Ttle #of Copies Price
Math 1 Creative Voyage 23 5
Math 1 Timeless Math: Maya, S&R 2 10
Math 7 Timeless Math: Rover 13 5
Reading 5 K9.5: Howlywood Premiere 19 5
Guide   Family Connection 24 5
Reading 1 Calamity: The Natural World 6 10
Reading 6 Liquid Books: Wandering Path 3 10
Math 1b Secret of Googol 1 10
Math 2b Secret of Googol 1 10
Math 5 Secret of Googol 5 10
Math 6 Secret of Googol 5 10
Math 7 Secret of Googol 28 5
Math 8 Secret of Googol 34 5
Math Full Set Secret of Googol 2 60
Math 1 (set) Secret of Googol 1 20
Math 2 (set) Secret of Googol 4 20
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6 minutes ago, Shawn said:

This goes in the auction forum as you are pimping an ebay listing.

My apologies.  I've removed the link.

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