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Panasonic J-200U issue

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Hey all.


Not sure if anyone here has done much with the Panasonic J-200U.  I've got one that was working last time I fired it up several years ago but now, although the power light comes on, I get no signal through the RF switch.  I also tried hooking up directly to a monitor using what I believe to be the composite and ground pins on the display port (with some trial and error) and still nothing.  I get a slight difference in the video output but nothing real.


Took the thing apart and the capacitors all look fine.  Not sure where to go from here.  Any thoughts?



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You are using Channel 3 and 4?

* Are you sure that the RCA jack isn't composite out?

* Some Japanese RF output is NOT on channel 3 and 4 like US devices. For example, on a NEC PC-Engine, I had to use channel 6x for the RF.

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