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WonderSwan Afficinados around?

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Are there any WonderSwan friends around? I am think about getting a used Crystal version as soon as I get some hands on a SD-card device (I'd love to play Judgement Silversword). In case, do you have game recommendations?


For those not knowing this handheld: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/WonderSwan


My handheld game past looks like someone's past that is made for an obscure device like this:


GameBoy --> GameBoy Advance --> Sega GameGear --> Neo Geo Pocket Color (best so far!) --> Atari Lynx (love the programmability) --> Bandai WonderSwan



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I would say I'm a wannabe aficionado- my Japanese is not up to snuff for most of the Wonderswan's library, so what I've played is limited. 


The obvious recommendation for me (and the main reason I bought mine) is Klonoa Moonlight Museum. A bit heavier on the puzzle side of the puzzle-platformer mechanic, but still a wonderful lil' game. Most of the rest of what I own are Kelsey's recommendations from MJR's video- but, if you like Rhythm games, try & find Wuz↑b? Produce: Street Dancer- although the arrow & the slang make it a  b*tch to search, especially since one of best ways to find most Wonderswan stuff is on Amazon Japan. I eventually found it just searching 'Street Dancer Wonderswan'.

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Certainly can't call myself an aficionado, but I do have both the B&W and Color units. Always wanted the Crystal just to see how well it works in person but never got around to it. I've heard the screen is much better.


There are some interesting titles on the system but a lot of the desirable English-friendly titles aren't particularly cheap. If there's a SD-based flash cart, I might consider investing into it to dive deeper into the library. Or maybe I should just mess with emulation, I wonder how far that has come? It would be a lot easier on the eyes at the very least.

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