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Colecovision HSC Season 12 - Round 24 - Pitstop

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Bmack takes the round on points and a fine time indeed. Congrats! This was a fun and very competitive round. Next time we'll try a different track. Thanks to everyone that partook in the race!

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2 hours ago, Ikrananka said:

Any tips on the pitstop other than start the gas man first?  I reckon my tyre changing is where I'm losing most time.

Pit on lap 4. this will give the gasman plenty of time to fill the car and you'll be able to change all 4 tires before the gasman is done. After you start the gasman, you don't have to move either tire changer much. Barely touch the back or front tire moving down, then touch the top of the tire stack. It's all practice. Under 20 second stops are a must for times near 5:00. I had a 17.2 pit stop, but didn't quite fill the tank and ran out of fuel. I think my best was an 18.2 and finished the race. That is one important thing to remember by pitting on lap 4, the tank must be filled or risk running out. One full tank  = 5 laps.

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Thanks NCG - great tips 👍  I'm sure I do too much unnecessary movement when changing the tyres and waste time there.  I may just create a save state on lap 4 just before the pits and spend some time repeatedly practicing the tyre changes.


I still hate the perspective of the track and the bumper cars though!!!!

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