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SOLD: Turbo Everdrive v2.5

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Sold! Thanks for looking.


I no longer need this because I got a Super System SD 3 in the past six months and haven't used it since. The Turbo Everdrive is basically a rom loading solution for TG-16/PC-Engine HUcard games. It does not support CD rom games, though it's my understanding it can load the roms of certain CD Cards and act like the cards- though I've never tried that before since I do not own any of the CD peripherals for the TG-16 or PC-Engine. You can read more about it here; https://krikzz.com/store/home/35-turbo-everdrive-v24.html 


It is currently in PC-Engine mode as I typically used it with my CoreGrafx. There's a tiny switch on the side that you need to switch based on if you're using it on a TG-16 or PCE. If you tell me what you intend to use it on before sale I can make sure it's switch to the right position. Or you can do it yourself. Just be aware of that, if you try to plug it into your TG-16 and it doesn't work-- that's probably the reason!

I live in the United States and will only trade/make a sale to someone in the US, as I do not know how to properly ship anything internationally and I'd prefer there be no issues involved in that. 


For Trade; I am looking for an Atari Lynx Flashcart/SD Card/Multicart of some sort, or a few Atari Lynx games that are not Rampart and Xybots. I'm also looking for a ''Good'' Atari 2600 flashcart. (One that can handle larger roms/homebrew.)


For Sale; I see them on Ebay right now from 118 to 80 dollars + Shipping, so I figure 70 Shipped. Kind of firm on price when cash is involved. Might bring it down if you wanna do a combined small item + paypal trade like thing.


I have a preference for trade here. I'm willing to hear offers for 'other things' not listed. Maybe you'll pique my interest! 


Find picture of my unit attached!



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