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FA--2 oddball Atari 2600 carts: Funvision "Ocean City" & ORANGE Imagic "Quick Step" (PAL)

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Up for auction on eBay are two weird cartridge variants I ran into a while back, never having seen either before...at least, they're weird in the U.S. but maybe not overseas.

     First up is "Ocean City" by Funvision.  I don't know the region format of this cart, because even after cleaning the game won't come up but a second, long enough to glimpse a screen like Atlantis.  Tried it on two TV's, one of which does display PAL, and got the same result on both.  The picture label matches that of a game called Inca Gold by Zellers, which is strange because they had their own Atlantis hack "Ocean City Defender", and it had yet a different picture on the cart.

     Second up is "Quick Step" by Imagic.  Not an uncommon game by any means, but the cartridge sure is...in an Activision-style case with an orange label.  This one IS working, and turned out to be PAL format.  Only learned today (slap) that most modern TV's can display PAL.  Never knew that before.

     By the way, the dates in the photos are incorrect.  My camera eats batteries and I'm tired of the setting the date.

     If you're interested in either of these, please visit my eBay page:








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Your "Quick Step" was distributed in Australia by HES, in a Blister Pack.  HES was based in Sydney Australia.  As @Rom Hunter quoted many moons ago, "HES got permission from Imagic and Activision to release their games down under."   This cart is Common down here in OZ.



Your "Ocean City" was distributed in Australia by Action Hi-Tech.  It's the same as Zellers Ocean City Defender, which in turn is a hack release of the original 'Atlantis'.  I find it not as common as the Quick Step, but it's still not that hard to find it in the wild in OZ.



As for the 'Ocean City' label.  It's linked to the lazy "Skull Island" series of hack releases.  They all used the same label.

Atariboxed.com Database "Skull Island" series data.


@Rom Hunter will no doubt chime in if any of this info is wrong. 👍


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WAY COOL, thanks for the info.  Now it's here on AtariAge for all to see.  I can't tell you just how difficult it was  to find the tiny amount of info that I did, and what I presented above was pretty much the extent of it.  Even Atari Mania, which has quite a few variants listed, didn't have much of anything on these at the time I was looking.

     Probably fair to say then, that Ocean City is also in PAL format.



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