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HSC16 Round 12: Frogger II:Threedeep

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Even though I did get up early to have a sneaky go to beat McKong and did manage a super bonus on level 4 the pressire was too great (really I am programming my abbuc game with 2 days to go it's an immense challenge to get something ready)...


Anyhow it's congratulations to McKong (I'll get him next time we play this!) Great game and a Great game what more is there to say apart from "thanks for playing everyone", much appreciated :)


final tables


  1st   McKong                      87,575  12pts

  2nd   therealbountybob            86,525  11pts
  3rd   Deteacher                   60,394  10pts
  4th   carlsson                    23,552  9pts
  5th   Sikor                       20,078  8pts
  6th   roadrunner                  15,427  7pts
  7th   Mangia-Boy                  11,489  6pts
  8th   slx                          7,442  5pts
  9th   RedThunder                   7,286  4pts
 10th   jblenkle                     6,800  3pts

Bonus Challenge #1
  1st   therealbountybob            15,029     1pt
  2nd   Deteacher                   14,715    
  3rd   McKong                      13,412    


Bonus Challenge #2

  1st   McKong                       6,197     1pt

  2nd   therealbountybob             6,500   

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