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Your Classic Computer System - THEN & NOW!

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Hidden away, in a lot of different corners of AtariAge, users have put up pictures of their cherished classic computer systems.  The sad thing is, most of us never get to see those really cool pictures, because not having a particular computer system ourselves, may never visit the right part of AtariAge where those photos are hiding.  So, with that in mind, I'm starting this thread in the CLASSIC COMPUTING area instead of a sub forum.


So, whatever computer system you have, no matter how large or small, post a couple of photos!


The prefered format for this thread:

(But not mandatory)

One or two images of your THEN system and...

One or two images of your NOW system.


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One then and now system I'd really like to see is an old TRS-80 Model III and a modern fully tricked out MISE system.  Does anyone here have a MISE upgraded TRS-80 with a secondary monitor?

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On 7/16/2019 at 10:47 AM, --- Ω --- said:

I'll start if off...


THEN 1990



NOW 2019


I think EVERYONE had that desk at one time!! :)

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14 minutes ago, Zerock said:

What's that keyboard you have there? I'd love to get something like that for my TI-99!

I have a blog entry on that keyboard modification << HERE >> for more information.  😀




Although (when in stock) << THIS >> newer option might be more interesting for you as it's USB and can use a wireless keyboard.


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