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DOUBLEDOWN Custom ColecoVision Controllers

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A fresh shipment of controller enclosures in today, hot off the FedEx truck:




The front 2 are sloped topped 17" x 11", 1 for the 2nd #2495 Display Edition - VVG Experience Controller, and the 2nd is for new controller I'm working on for myself (SEGA Genesis)


The rear left is a sloped topped 20" x 11", no plans for this one yet, just added it to the order as I'm sure I'll use it at some point


The rear middle is the baby, its a sloped topped 14" x 8", for a secret project


And lastly, in the rear right, is a flat topped 17" x 10" x 4" enclosure I plan to use for the Gauntlet Edition - VVG Experience Controller.  Those OEM Atari joysticks are so deep, they won't fit into any of the sloped topped variants, so I thought I'd try this one to see how I like it.  

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Yet another, "not for ColecoVision", but unveiling my NBA JAM Edition - VVG Experience Controller:




I've probably played more NBA JAM (and it's sequels) than any other arcade game or franchise.  I had it for my SEGA CD way back (which I still own)..and played it a ton, then got the 32X version of NBA JAM T.E (which I still own)....and played it a ton.  I still play it, and I still love it, so I figured I might as well make myself a proper controller for it.  While the game and franchise sequels have been released for a lot of different consoles over the years, I generally like the older ones better.  And for the Genesis, releases include Arch Rivals, NBA JAM, NBA JAM T.E., NBA Hangtime, and College Slam, so I figured I'd wire it for the Genesis/CD/32X, and it will additionally be my universal 3-button arcade stick for other Genesis games.  So built into a 17" Hammond enclosure and featuring arcade accurate controls:


(1) iL Eurojoystick w/Cherry microswitches (Blue bat-handle) (P1/P2 coloring)

(4) iL PSL-L Concave pushbuttons w/Cherry microswitches (Orange = Start, White = A, Red = B, Blue = C)

Wired to a Genesis 3-button controller PCB with a 12' cord



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So I'm constantly on the lookout for new controller components, and I'm constantly coming up with ideas for new controllers.  The item that I probably look at the most, is the controller enclosure itself.  The Hori HSS-09 donors that I use for my line of VVG Joystick Controllers work great, but their biggest limitation is their size...especially where height is concerned.  With an internal mounting depth of approximately <1.5", there is a limited number of of options for joysticks and pushbuttons that will fit.  So enter the big brother to the HSS-09, the HORI/NAMCO Tekken V 10th Anniversay PS2 controller:




The HSS-09 is approximately 11.25" x 9.25" x 1.50", whereas the Tekken V is 16.00" x 9.50" x 3.00".  As is, from Hori, the layout of this PS2 controller is garbage, the buttons and joystick are way too low and don't provide adequate hand/palm/wrist support, but fortunately I can take care of that when I re-purpose it.  With the additional internal depth, vintage, arcade accurate controls like the WICO joysticks, and true leaf switch pushbuttons can be used with no problem.  Unfortunately they aren't any easier to find, or cheaper than the HSS-09 donors, but again I'm looking for options when and where I can find them, and more often than not its regardless of price.  I don't have any plans for this new donor yet, I just picked one up to take it apart and see if it would work for my needs...and it will.  I'm sure I'll create something amazing with it at some point! 


Any ideas?

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On 12/27/2019 at 5:51 PM, Robertkirby said:

How can I order a set of Donkey Kong controllers?

I will start a new pre-order thread around the middle of January for any available models, and I'll post the link here for those who are following.


And for those who don't also follow the Jaguar forums, as my last "new" controller of 2019, I made this:



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