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DOUBLEDOWN Custom ColecoVision Controllers

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8 hours ago, Swami said:

Very nice! What would be the likelihood of a right handed four button version with trackball and spinner? You could team up with pboland, the cyclone spinner provider.

Well to me this is a right hand controller.  I am indeed right handed, and I play joystick left / button(s) right as my preferred setup.  Comes from years of playing Galaga in the arcades I presume.  


But a flip-flopped variant (left buttons / right joystick) shouldn't really be any problem, but it would have to be commissioned.  A 4 button Super Action Arcade Controller is additionally possible, but an all-in-one "magic controller" wouldn't be, at least not in this controller housing, its too way small for all the necessary components.  The larger housing I used for my Defender Edition - Arcade Experience Controller (see pic in post #110 of this thread) might be big enough, but still might feel crowded.  I understand the "idea" of having 1 controller fulfill all needs, but I've seen some people's MAME control panels, with 4 joysticks, 2 pistol grip joysticks, trackballs, 100 buttons, spinners and all other manner of crap, and I just don't care for them.  Something like a ColecoVision "All-In-One Wonder Controller" would have to be commissioned, I don't think I'd build it of my own accord.

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On 8/21/2019 at 9:52 AM, doubledown said:


Yes possible, standard dye colors and I have spare controllers



Yes possible, standard dye colors, but would need donor controllers


Any renderings of the Venture and/or Zaxxon style controllers.  Just wondering.  Thanks as these controllers look damn good.  Nice work!

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The initial pics for the Zaxxon controller were in post #52 in this thread,


The initial pic for the Venture controller was in post #61 in this thread,


Additionally you can click my signature or HERE for a link to my website showcasing the ColecoVision hardware I've made over the years.

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