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ADAM dev. ver. 1 of Mathemagician's Quest found

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31 minutes ago, NIAD said:

Data Packs can be sourced from numerous people. Bob Slopsema/ADAMcon could probably supply enough original DDPs to be reused or William Hicks/MilliV can make brand new DDPs using his Tape Duplicator.


Mystery Man was just the first name to pop into my head seeing the incredible job that he did in the past with the ADAM Super Games conversions to cartridge format and adding title screens and the sound code into the original Joust prototype. I'm sure he is pretty busy with all the work he is doing for Team Pixelboy, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Well, the 30th Ann. ship has sailed, but there is always the 37th Ann. (2020) seeing as I wouldn't want to see this drag out until the 40th Ann. (2023) !!!


Thanks for sharing the box artwork.


Sounds like a plan ;) :)
Worst case scenario is we would do it for ADAM only, in case a cartridge version is not possible

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After further game play, err testing...


Two player games work and even though it' an educational game, it's actually pretty fun game design especially if two people play and you race against one another to exit the final gate. Each player can choose their own skill level.


There are 4 areas (Pond, Prairie, Forest and Town) that you have to hop your way thru and each area is two screen wide. As was mentioned previously, you need to pickup the white key in the first three areas in order to open the gate and then the gold key to open the final gate to exit the town and win.


I put together a "dirty" overlay to help others with playing the game that is attached below.


I do not know what the | symbol that is offset down a little does, it is displayed when one presses the Purple firebutton on a Super Action Controller after the = symbol in the equation... anyone have an idea?


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