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Boba Debt

Williams 19-in-1 Control Panel Solution

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In anticipation of modding my Arcade1Up Asteroids Cabinet into a William 19-in-1 I have been all of the net gathering info and one thing seemed common.  To date no one has come up with a good solution for the control panel layout for the 19-in-1 card


Most use multiple joysticks and some use interchangeable panel, neither of those appealed to me so I put my 30+ years of experience as an aircraft electrician to use and I think I came up with a good solution.



This info is applicable for the board set to Upright/2set of Controls.


I used Ultimarc Mag Stick Plus Joy Sticks because they can be switched for 4-way to 8-way operation from the top of the control panel. This so you do not have to have multiple sticks to paly the different games.



In order to preserve the original Defender/Stargate button Layout I had to use 2 DPDT relays and a switch.  These relays provide normal player 1 / 2 operation when the Defender switch is off but when it is on, it reroutes all of the appropriate control signals to the respective wires on the Jamma  harness.

The only change to the original Defender/Stargate Button layout is the addition of 2 buttons for the right hand joystick that offer S1 and S2 function to Player 1 for the rest of the games and should not interfere with Defender/Stargate Gameplay








Normal Operation – Right hand (player 2 ) red (S1) and white (S2) buttons go through the Normally Closed contacts of the relay to the Jamma Harness Player 2 S1 and S2 wires

Defender/Stargate Operation –Player 2 S1 and S2 are re-routed to the Jamma harness Player 1 S1 and S3 wires through the Nornally Open contacts of the relay

Additional Info – Player 1 red button (S1) and green button (S3) are connected in parallel to the respective Jamma harness wires at the relay so that in the Normal operation the Player 1 buttons control the appropriate functions.




Normal Operation – Player 2 Up and Down functions go through the relay to the Jamma Harness Player 2 Up and Down Wires. 

Defender/Stargate Operation –Player 1 Up and Down functions are re-routed to the relay to the Jamma Harness Player 2 Up and Down Wires, that way, both players can use the LH Joystick.

Additional Info – Player 1 Up and Down functions are wired in parallel with the respective Jamma harness wire at the relay so that in Normal operation the right hand joystick control the Up and Down functions for Player 1


Normal Operation – Player 1 left and right functions go through the relay to the Jamma Harness Player 1 left and right wires Wires,


Defender/Stargate Operation –Player 1 Left and Right functions are disables because the isn’t any connection to the Jamma Harness.




I'm waiting on parts for my conversion so this info is based on what I have researched on multiple forums and web sites


Once I build my machine I will be able to confirm that this works but if anyone sees any issues post below

SW1 - Fire




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This is the second Arcade1Up modding thread that I posted that seem to be of not interest to the members of this forum.


I guess I'm in the wrong forum.


I would really like to find a group that likes to discuss these machines so does anyone know of a forum more dedicated to Arcade1 Up?


I did some Binging and nothing really showed up.



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Besides the Arcade forum, there's also these threads here at AA. Might draw more attention if you post in there. Or maybe change your subject heading to include 'Arcade 1Up'.







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