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Hooking up Ditto Tape Drive to real Atari Hardware.

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This would apply to this thread, I just got a Ditto Tape drive with power supply , 8 Gig cartridge , etc, it appears to be serial, at least Don siad it migh be , but I am suspecting parallel , does anyone know of any way to plug it into Atari Hardware? it would be used for a BBS (maybe not by me but someone a I am sticking with the ST for my BBS, I am simply NOT changing my mind any more, its Forem ST with a Mega ST4 and a Lantronics device), incidently I am having problems getting it to recognise it.... I had it running them suddenly, nothing , anyone else had this experience?


Edit: The Ditto drive is basically useless , anyone want it? What I do have is CF adapters, I have a few of them with CF cards.


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