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The Mating Of The Colorworms

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Hi there!


I've hacked up a new demo. It was for the 512 bytes competition of Nordlicht demoparty and placed and honorable third, behind a Vectrex and an Amiga demo.

The trick was to use extra RAM. I chose the CommaVid 1k of extra RAM to precalc some tables I need for displaying the effects. It will run on Harmony / Melody as well as Uno Cart 2600. Or if you prefer "more original" hardware, there is also a version for the Supercharger. But that's slightly ~10% larger then the CommaVid version. It also includes a 2k version with a small menu to select between a PAL and an NTSC version.


Edit: forgot the website: https://xayax.net/the_mating_of_the_colorworms/ (also contains a stellerator-version).


Have fun,



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Nice demo!  I always love your work!

512 bytes is always fun to do.  I have yet to do a larger demo, myself, but the smaller ones are easy to manage, while still being big enough to do an effect well.

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