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Classic Game Fest (Austin) - 2019

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Hi all, I just posted this under the "events" forum, but I think it is even more relevant here really.


If you are going to be at the Classic Game Fest in Austin next weekend (July 27 & 28) come tell us hi.  Rob and I will both be there.  Or just come by to play on some real Atari 8-bit hardware for a nice break from everything else at CGF which is 99% Nintendo consoles. ;)


We'll be showing a few demo's of some cool things we have been working on.  I know we haven't released any significant new stuff in quite some time... but it's coming!! 



Take care,



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We are having a lot of fun seeing all the people dropping in to play our games on Atari 8bit hardware today at Classic Game Fest.  Nice.


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At the Classic Game Fest in Austin, we gave away this cool Rain of Terror T-shirt to the highest score during the fest.


The honors went to Brian Hall (BHALL408 here on Atariage) with a score of 346,900 !




Congrats to Brian !   


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Also we have another very limited batch of Rain of Terror Collector's Box Edition available for sale again.


Sorry this has taken SO LONG to get them ready for sale. 


These are all individually numbered with unique serial numbers (both on the printed box as well as on the disk itself).  


This new batch is priced at $45 each plus shipping charges.


We are still honoring the previous $40 price for anyone who had already committed to purchase at that price.  I will be reaching out to those individuals first to confirm whether they are still interested.


Beyond that, these will go first come first serve at the $45/each price (plus shipping).


Here's more information on the box set...


Post here, or PM me if interested.




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