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Another World game

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Attached file is a mock-up of first stage based on game Another World written by Éric Chahi. This is not a full game, just an experimentation with Mad Pascal. All images are 160x192 in 4 colors (Antic mode E - gr. mode 15), compressed with a method I developed. In time it could become a bigger project incorporating Antic mode 4 graphics including additional levels. Hero and worm are generated with a help of Mad Studio (including hero animation).


This demo does feature enemies, with unfinished screen scenes and physics. Anything else will be added when I figure out to work properly with Mad Pascal using unused RAM space under ROM.


Hero movement:

- joystick left and right for direction

- pressing fire button while standing enables hero to kick with a leg

- pressing fire button while going left or right enables hero to run


You must disable BASIC before running this game demo.








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Don't know why, but this new version looks somewhat better than the 1992 demo.

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