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Parsec 2: the Dramite League

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      From time immemorial, the starship fleets of the galaxy have       

   clashed in pointless, never ending wars over one beautiful airless    








  Those wars have finally come to an end. The taciturn Dramites  have

 formed a League with the intrepid Parsec force, the Bynites, Urbites, 

 and more alien races who are lining up to join every atomic year.      





     That fateful moon, whose once-beautiful sculptures were totally     

  ruined  by falling space trash... Beneath the fateful moon, something

    is stirring.                                                                                   





  Encouraged by the smell of destruction, an ancient life-force has       

   broken free of its prison and extended its tentacles in all directions.  





 Now it is mining its world from the inside out, creating a vast living     

 machine out of rock, metal, and flesh, for purposes unknown.             





   You have been sent with an exploratory fleet, to gather intelligence   

  on the life-force. Your fleet contains experimental Parsec 2 fighters,   

 Dramites, Bynites, and Urbite missile cruisers, and some weirder alien 

 craft who we have no names for.                                                       





    Together each has a role to play in exploring... and surviving... the   

    horrors that lie beneath the surface.                                               








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sounds like a good start for a sci-fi story. :)

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Hey, wierd_w, everybody, go check out this early demo for P2 (ssh, the actual title is a secret). https://gitlab.com/FarmerPotato/parsec2/blob/master/dsk/p2.dsk


F18A is mandatory.  Load it into JS99er.net ,  sure to check F18A Enabled. It runs just fine, even works on an Android phone. :) 


The first ship in 16 rotations and 3bpp is by wierd_w.


Right now, my 12 year old is thrilled to be designing the cave maps, using a tile set I threw together, but that's just a stand-in.


Source code: https://gitlab.com/FarmerPotato/parsec2/ 

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The Plan Thus Far:


1. Parsec mk1 must clear asteroids and satellite junk from an orbit, so the Mother Ship can approach. Surprises lurk.
2. Recon mission by Bynites checks for threats on the Moon's surface. Uhoh, something big is here.
3. Choose Dramite or Parsec mk1 to clear threats.
4. From Moon Base, drive Moon Buggy on patrol to investigate perimeter.
5. Guide Urbite lunar module into ... gawd apollo, what is that?
6. Fly Parsec mk2 or Alien Fighter squadrons into the tunnels. 
7. Choose from a variety of ships as you go deeper into the unknown.
8. Defend the Mother Ship and Moon Base against recurring threats.

Game play resembles well-known games:


1. Asteroids
2-3. Parsec or Star Blazer
4. Moon Patrol
5. Lunar Lander
6-7. So many games
8. Star Fort, Demon Attack, or Galaga-type

Plus surprise visits by some of our frenemies from 4A history.



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(NM, figured it out. F18A was not turned on)


Looks like I need to get on the stick with making some background goodies, and getting some enemy sprites made.

Also, looks like I need to increase the shade level. Either that or JS99 is washing out the color.

Edited by wierd_w

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