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What if? Designing "Geneve 2020". Cool 3D views!

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2 minutes ago, wierd_w said:

If the issue is "File handler already in use" type errors, perhaps consider either softlinked or hardlinked files, presented in different folders?


(Logically, appears as 2 different files. Really, is the same file, with two NTFS indexes.)


That way the programs each think they are running independent instances from separate folders, but really the data files are the same ones.

I don't think that will help. WinCUPL run an external programs which try to delete and re-write its output files. If it gets a mysterious error, it cannot get out of that state. Simultaneously, WinSIM expects to run the same stuff. It's full of synchronization bugs.


I'm looking for some backward-compatibility option in Windows 7. 

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40 minutes ago, wierd_w said:

I couldn't tell if that was current - so I used the built-in wizard. It has solved one problem! WinCUPL no longer borks when there are 2 files involved being edited in WinSIM. WinCUPL errors nicely and I can try again after I save changes in WinSIM.


However this is an endless loop:



So im done with this for now and proceeding with the LabVIEW version.

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