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Giles N

Which Atari 7800 games are to one you love most, and why these?

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On 9/16/2019 at 1:18 PM, sidney said:

I've lost many an hour to Food Fight, Xevious and Asterodes. 

I’m beginning to really enjoy Food Fight... it has a really strong actual-arcade feel... everything is polished, every part is quality...


Xevious is very good. A true classic.


I tried Asteroids (inbuilt PAL), team player mode with my bro today... really cool...

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When I have all titles, I hope to arrange them from top to bottom, perhaps with 1-10 scores.


Just take some time playing either through these games or playing them a fair bit into them to give them a balanced score.

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So, here’s my updated list.

- criterion number 1: taste and what I’m interested in playing now.

- criterion number 2: what I find to be overall quality as to production and what creates a fun/entertaining game-experience.


1.Scrapyard Dog

2.Ninja Golf


4.Pole Position 2

5.Food Fight


7.Double Dragon

8.Motor Psycho

9.Ikari Warriors

10.Ms PacMan

11.Mario Bros

12.Robotron 2084

13.Desert Falcon

14.Midnight Mutants


16.Fatal Run

17.Dark Chambers

18.Planet Smashers

19.Alien Brigade


21.Dig Dug

22.Tower Toppler



25.Donkey Kong


27.F 18 Hornet


29.Donkey Kong Jr.


31.Super Huey


33.Title Match Pro Wrestling




More titles awaits to be given a good enough run to place them.







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On 9/18/2019 at 5:38 PM, MrFish said:







"Asterodes"? Sounds like some kind of illness. emoji16.png




Blasted curse of the quick post and the spellchecker that clearly hasn’t checked correctly!!!

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In no order, keeping with original release run only, for now:


8. Asteroids. I wish they made the deluxe version back in the day as it was even more manic. The asteroids never looked better on a home console, the animation is smooth, and I played it for some time. I will be picking up the deluxe homebrew in the near future.


6. Food Fight. Virtually identical to the arcade and remains a joy to play.


7. Robotron 2084. Beats the snot out of any previous edition by far. Extremely fluid animation and use of color stand out. Tempted to get a better controller so I can fire independently of movement, which the game sorta needs by wave eight...


5. Joust. Always a robust, creative game, which never looked better. Oddly, I never did what I did with the 2600 and 8-bit versions and sit there and wait for an egg to hatch to see if the new warrior waits for ostrich or if it's born with one. The 7800 would be virtually arcade-identical if the egg hatches just the warrior that waits for ostrich... But of all the features to save RAM on, that's the smallest. The 7800's detail with the lava hand and others make up for it and more.


3. Galaga. How come this never got released for the 2600 or Atari8? This version may look a little chunky but is an entertaining challenge to play.


0. Pole Position II. I like it more now than I had as a teen.


9. Dig Dug. It shocked me that first day when realizing all too quickly it sounds identical to the 2600 version (read: yuck) , but the graphics are great.


Honorable mentions:


- Centipede. Amazing that Millipede never got released as it's far more fun, though the centipede original is fun and has never looked better with its faux 3D mushroom color scheme, eye notches on the player's gun just like in the arcade, very fluid animation, and so on.

- Ms Pac-Man. Very solid entry, though Pac-Man Collection's homebrew improves on it a LOT...

- Commando. sounds great and is isually great. It's reminiscent of River Raid

- Tower Toppler. Sounds horrible, but the visuals and gameplay make up for the nails-on-chalkboard sound.

- Super Mario Bros. The monsters are anorexic, but the game plays well.

- Donkey Kong. A very robust entry, though the homebrew I swore exists did a better job.

- Donkey Kong Jr. Looks great! Sounds awful!



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typo attack

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I have a total of 23 when referencing the original retail line.  The cream of that crop, for 10 of them, reasons are provided.  They are presented in descending alphabetical order: 


#10 - Robotron: 2084 

For an incredible number of flicker-free sprites in a non-stop, action-packed, survival shooter...That game is right here. Save the humanoids to really rack up points; however, its true beauty lies in the variety and quantity of enemies you will encounter in an absolutely mind-blowing, edge of your seat, maneuvering and shooting extravaganza.  The icing on the cake is the ability to utilize two joysticks simultaneously - just like the Arcade; regardless, even with one joystick utilization, this game remains awesome to play.  Absolutely gorgeous with a wondrous spectacle of objects that grace the screen, constantly filled in an ever challenging, great time of spectacular proportions.  Furthermore, this is the best available version of this game outside of  the Arcade experience.  Never gets old, tired, or boring. Containing four different skill settings - there's a challenge awaiting all who dare to engage.


#9 - Ninja Golf 

Arguably the quirkiest and weirdest combination of all time: Ninja action plus golf playing - and the crazy thing - It works...Works splendidly.  Controls for both golfing and ninja fighting are handled quite well and very responsive. Don't like golf and can't stand Ninja fights - this game may not be for you.  However, like either one of those things, even remotely, and the seamless blending of sport challenge and arcade fighting action, paired with some awesome graphics, will keep you coming back for more.  You’ll battle in sand traps, (under) water traps, in the rough, fairway, and the dragon on the green. Start it on easy, or the most difficult challenge, or perhaps somewhere in between. Whatever your choice, find the skill setting that is right for you, and then find yourself coming back for a unique, challenging, yet fun game.


#8 - Motor Psycho

Furnishing a very challenging and awesome ride, this racer provides fantastic road scrolling, jumping, stunts, obstacles, hill encountering, and non-stop excitement.  For those easily frustrated, or coming off of the older and much easier to handle Pole Position II, this may leave some a tad discouraged. Take heart though, this game pays out and does so big time.  A key piece for obtaining maximum satisfaction and enjoyment is to realize you do need to realistically handle sharp, hair-pinned turns, by dropping to "lo" gear. It is pretty unforgiving if you do not.  Time penalty for crashes is often great; so a few accidents, and even just one accident in the harder of the four available tracks, provide little to no mercy.  Nonetheless, you will find yourself relishing in the challenge, with its relentless methods of pushing your gaming limits and abilities.  This is one to beat and experience with its large racer sprites and phenomenal racing thrills.


#7 - Midnight Mutants

Do it once, do it right.  The only one of its kind on the system, Midnight Mutants answers in spades how well the 7800 can handle a 'larger scale' game.  Containing subtle RPG elements, this action-adventure is fairly big, with huge boss battles, accompanying excellent graphics, and fantastically rendered sound. Indeed, some of the best TIA ever managed, and an engaging storyline.  Features Grandpa from the hit TV show "The Munsters", being story teller and hint provider. You must rid the world of Dr. Evil and his minions.  It showcases some of the advanced 8-bit capabilities of the ProSystem which really pushes the system wonderfully, to its limits graphically, in several cases. Extensive areas to explore and conquer, with a multitude of landscapes, promote a griping and engaging game that will make the player want to be savior of the land, reaching all objectives victoriously.


#6 - Joust

Outside of the Arcade, this is the greatest version of Joust to be played and experienced. While the two player simultaneous action is a marvel to behold, the one player experience is just as rewarding and a thrill to play.  From the easiest to defeat Red Bounder, through the more difficult, Gray Hunter, to the toughest - Blue Shadow Lord, the action and challenge is present for all to enjoy, at any one of the four starting difficulty skill sets desired.  Take the easiest or hardest, or anything in between challenge, and watch your bird glide and battle across the screen with awesome movement and exciting fast-paced dueling fun.  Controls are easy to learn but may be more challenging to master.  This heart-pounding war of birds will not only have your knight, but you too, fighting for more of it.


#5 - Food Fight

The Arcade classic by Atari that pits your player, Charley Chuck, against chefs who are looking to stop you with food that can be thrown, while you race to a dripping ice-cream cone across the other side of the screen.  Fluid movement and flexibility provide a rewarding experience and adrenaline rush as you try your utmost to dodge the attack of the chefs while advancing to the highest level and greatest score possible. A blast to play that avoids becoming old and predictable, due in part, to the increased difficulty, challenge, and overall great fun had while playing the game.  Players are able to set not only overall game difficulty, but also starting level.  Dive head first into the frantic frenzy of food fighting set to your heart's desire and contentment.


#4 - Desert Falcon

Highlighting one of the more unusual, break away from the typical, Desert Falcon provides a 3/4 perspective view of navigating your creature through onslaught waves of enemies, ground obstacles, and terrain differences.  Similar to Zaxxon in perspective, gamers will come to find their own technique of utilizing either the faster air, or possibly more strategic ground, maneuvering.  Controls may take some familiarizing, but soon players will find themselves obtaining bonuses, power-ups, and boss battles, formidable against even the most seasoned expert.  Thankfully, all can relish in the fun and action, as different skill settings allow the game challenge to be brought to the individual's preference.  In summary, it is great action and excitement, in a game that soars wonderfully.


#3 - Commando

Brought to the 7800 in spectacular flying colors, this port of the Arcade classic is a must play and a must own.  Having on-board POKEY sound, the background music hums along collaborating with great sound effects. There’s tons of action, excitement, and non-flickering, no 'pop-up' graphic scrolling goodness.  Each of the four levels are presented, showcasing all tours and secondary missions.  Start at the easy/beginner setting or go all out on expert, this frenzy fast-paced shoot-em up is a pleasure to play and a wonder to behold. Hidden areas and power-ups contained in gorgeous detailed maps are all present. This is how every Arcade port should be handled under the ProSystem, really magnifying the potential for other games, while providing an actual reality demonstrated on the 7800 marvelously.


#2 - Basketbrawl

Street basketball presented with a twist.  Having available two-on-two, or one-on-one hoops action, head straight to playing, or set a series of options and tweak to your liking, in this highly competitive and challenging game.  Well-presented court environments rotate among three different settings, with large detailed sprites.  Players move fluidly across the courts with smooth animation and responsive controls.  Combining skill, dexterity, and a touch of luck, you race against the clock and your opponents in obtaining the highest score possible.  Even for those who do not have an interest in basketball and typically do not take an interest in sports titles, this is still a fun game to play for the beginner or even the most expert of players.


#1 - Alien Brigade

It spins Operation Wolf with an extraterrestrial flavor.  Utilizing either joystick or light gun, encounter vast terrains in trying to take out and stop the invading alien forces. The action is from a first person perspective, as the screen scrolls horizontally, you avoid taking hits from the enemy while completing mission objectives, such as rescuing hostages, acquiring various power-ups, and health items.  Four levels of difficulty, so no matter what your skill, everyone can join in the fun.  The game is complete with cut scene dialogues and beautifully rendered 8-bit graphics.  Overall a great title to showcase some of the system's more advance graphic capabilities, while also demonstrating fast-paced, hectic, and great gaming action.

13 Honorable MentionsXevious, Xenophobe, Tower Toppler, Pole Position II, Ms. Pac-Man, Ikari Warriors, Galaga, Dig Dug, Dark Chambers, Crossbow, CentipedeBallblazer, Asteroids.

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Food Fight, Robotron, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Commando, and Rikki & Vikki are all must have games. Food Fight is a great arcade port that's pretty much exclusive to the 7800 (besides the Atari 8-Bit port). Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and especially Robotron are absolute classics, and in my opinion are the best ports of these games on a classic system. Commando looks and sounds much better than the NES port. And Rikki and Vikki is a technical marvel and a fantastic puzzle game. Dark Chambers, Alien Brigade, and Ninja Golf are also pretty fun, but I haven't played them that much to really give a definite opinion on them. And Ballblazer is extremely overrated.

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On 8/3/2019 at 9:12 AM, GoldenWheels said:

The arcade version just doesn't give enough lift or hold enough lift per flap (a fault of the NES version as well), nor do the fall rate/bounces feel accurate or consistent. So it plays slow and it fights the actual point of the game (being able to climb quickly at the last second to gain an advantage, and what happens after you win a joust physics wise). It's a great concept, not perfectly executed.


Both the XE and 7800 version play fast and control like butter. Perfecto.


The 2600 port is graphically inferior of course but also plays great. I couldn't get into the arcade or NES versions.

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