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Atari Lynx High Score Club 2019 Round 2 - Robotron

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The current game of the AtariAge Lynx high score club is Robotron!

Settings - Game Control A, B, or C
(Default) Skill Level 3

Deadline to post scores is September 1st 2019 @12PM EST

Lynx high score club record is 2,166,025 by SwedenLynxer

Final scores -

485,250 PFG 9000 +11 points +3 points
196,350 Peyo +10 points
137,025 S.BAZ +9 points
72,474 roadrunner +8 points
47,525 travistouchdown +7 points
35,600 jblenkle +6 points

Current season point standings -

Peyo 25 points
S.BAZ 21 points
jblenkle 20 points
travistouchdown 19 points
roadrunner 17 points

Link to manual


Any corrections please post



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This game ramps up quick!  I can't stand those huge dudes that you can't kill!  Using control scheme C; with autofire.  Anyone find one that is better/more intuitive?




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I'm not sure if I'll get more time to play this this month, so I'll submit this now.  Control scheme A.


Edited by PFG 9000
(Added control scheme info)

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On 8/23/2019 at 12:15 AM, Peyo said:


i got 118,700

which wave have you reach to get more than 400,000 ?



Sorry, but I wasn't counting the waves.  It's maybe 8-10 waves in.  I'll see if I can get a better score this weekend, and I'll count the waves this time.

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