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Intellivision Lists in Word Docs

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Hi all,

I have had quite a few requests for my lists in the past so I thought I would share them with the world (well AA anyway).

These are quite accurate but I may have missed posting a few I have sold.  If nothing else they are a fairly good reference for variations.

I have pictures of all six sides of the boxes and scans of all the front and back of the manuals.

Please enjoy them and ask questions if you have any.



Intellivision Boxed Games New School.doc Intellivision Boxed Games.doc Intellivision Cartridges.doc Intellivision Instruction Manual Collection.doc Intellivision Overlay Collection.doc

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There is some great information there. Thank you for sharing!

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I was travelling the day HJ started this thread and I hadn't seen it until today.

Awesome job, Hankster, as I already told you in person

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