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Horizontal movement

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I can't move the fish sprite left and right. What I want it to do is move in a circle. have it move up and then when it reaches the top, move right. I got it moving up, but I can't get it to move right.



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I cleaned up my code a little. No matter what I do I can not get the fish to move down. WHY? It's especially anger-inducing when the up code is exactly like the down code except the down code doesn't work.


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I don't fully follow the code, but I traced through to the first NMI. I see you initialize direction and all that fine, but in mov_cod there's a (small, probably inconsequential) bug where if COD_DIR is not 1-4, you'll start moving up.


It looks like in the normal case where it jumps to move_cod_up, move_cod_down, etc, that de is not initialized. You only ld de in the begin_cod_xxx blocks, which are not called during normal movement. It might simply be that up never finishes. Try putting a ld de,COD_DIR after move_cod_up? Otherwise it looks like de is whatever was read from $8002... (which I don't see being initialized...?)






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First some suggestions:


1. try and split your logic so that you are only writing your sprite table to VRAM during the NM, and any other video writes.

2. Put your logic to update the sprites position in your main code (outside of NMI), use the TIMER routines to control how fast things move


Now your actual bug:

You are using a Zero value comparison, and directly calling the next direction setup, with it's own Zero value comparison which ends up already being true i.e. you skip through your different direction set-ups immediately.


You should probably split up your logic into two sections:

1. Decide whether it is time to change direction

2. Update the position based on the current direction


and each should only be called once per loop.


I hope that has not confused you further.  If you want to see some of what I have described above I have made a video series called Lets Make a Retro game on Youtube, that includes sample code for the Coleco.

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