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Gary from OPA

Classic 2 Magic (C2M) New Feature is Amazing for Advanced Retro Gamers

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Classic 2 Magic (C2M) is an external plug & play accessory for the SNES Classic Mini that allows users to play any of their original SNES cartridges on their SNES Classic.


I have talked about the amazing C2M device in the past here on Atariage, and it is great accessory to easily play your original SNES Cartridges on your Official Nintendo SNES Mini Console, and now they have just announced an amazing new advanced feature that for sure all retro gamers will love, as now the C2M device is no longer limited to using it just with your SNES Mini from Nintendo, with the new C2M Reader files they released, you can upgrade your C2M to allow it to be used on Raspberry PI, Windows PC, basically any device that can handle USB can now see SNES Cartridges directly, imagine just slipping in your cartridge into your Arcade machine you built and playing it, or for true geeks, making a backup of your valuable cartridges! :)


For the true geeks the C2M team (which obviously are geeks as well) have developed some software that allows you to use C2M to run any SNES cartridge on basically any system that supports USB: PC Computer, Raspberry Pis, games consoles, etc.


We are not going to get into too much details now, as it will get most of you lost quickly, but if you know your stuff, you will love this. All files and instructions are included in the DOWNLOAD section of our site. (and attached to this news posting). If you are a techie, you will love this.


That's it for today. Oh, and one last thing: yes, we do have in plan for C2M for NES Classic, it is already in the works, and we are hoping for Nintendo to release a N64 Classic. We can't wait to dust off our Goldeneye cart!

So no longer are you limited to using the SNES Mini to play your original SNES cartridges, now all those that have built nice Raspberry PI Arcade setups, can just plug in SNES Cartridge and enjoy it right away, so check out the links below for more info! :)


News Source #1: MaxConsole Gaming News
News Source #2: Classic 2 Magic


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