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Mike Harris

How good are you at electronic Repairs

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I recapped one ADAM and the other one I just can't figure out.

I have the first working just fine but when I went to repair my second ADAM I encountered an anomaly.


Of course I checked the power supply and all lines are correct. 12v 5v and -5v...Ground...

Well, after changing a burned out tant cap the voltage on that line stabilized to +5 which it should however..


The trace feeding L4 and all the circuits on that line shows 24v which leads me to believe that 2 12v lines are being combined if such a thing is possible.  I mean, it's only being fed 12v into the system so how can there be 24v unless the power is being double by something.

Capacitor filled to 24v then dumping the power somewhere?

If someone has suggestion then I can give a more accurate detail of my testing but that is the major points.

All the main chips seem to be fine and are all being fed only 5 volts.
The 12v is only used for the digital data drive motors so the circuit is isolated to my knowledge.
Either way, I can't get it to boot up until I stabilize that back down to 12v

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