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Colecovision + Adam Expansion Module

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In total I already bought 2 Colocovision Consoles + Adam Computer expansion module 3 incl. printer, keyboard and replacement keyboard, tapes, manuals etc. etc. both sets as untested. I already got a new powersupply and waiting for the RGB mod kits - if the controller chips are faulty (replacement chips already ordered if...) both NTSC.


At least I need one Colecovision + the Adam Expansion running. Are there any good manuals for testing / fixing and maybe other easy mods?


Bought a "cheap" untested Expansion Module 3 - cheap yes don't ask for shipping + German import taxes...

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You can find the Coleco ADAM Technical Manuals at:






Plenty of great information and videos available on this forum as well as by William Hicks (MilliV).


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