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doubledown's ColecoVision Donkey Kong Edition - Super Arcade Controller

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Unveiling the completed:


ColecoVision ** Donkey Kong Edition - Super Arcade Controller **


Starting originally as a Hori HSS-09 Sega Saturn fighting stick, it's been converted to a proper arcade style controller for use with the ColecoVision.








* Seimitsu LS-32 Joystick, capable of being configured as an 8-way, 4-way, or 2-way horizontal or vertical joystick by adjusting the internal sub-gate.  Currently it's set up as a 4-way for Donkey Kong.


* Ultimarc GoldLeaf pushbuttons.


* Eladdin CV Easy I/O Board w/ Keypad.


* Controller base custom painted to closely match the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet.


* Custom Control Panel Overlay modeled after the Donkey Kong arcade CPO.


* Joystick style (black, ball-top), and Pushbutton color (orange) matching the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet

---2nd button added for maximum game compatibility, colored red to camouflage with the CPO.


* Custom red keypad overlay to camouflage with the CPO.


* The controller's original "Start" button dyed blue to match the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet's P1/P2 buttons, and wired as a 2nd * key, to restart game after game ends. 


So now that I got it finished up tonight I had a couple of hours to give it a test run, and wow, what a difference compared to a standard Coleco hand controller, even versus a hacked d-pad controller.  Playing Mouse Trap while holding my index, middle, and ring fingers of my right hand over the keypad for the controls plays so much better.  It's also amazing for Tapper.  Its really the controller the ColecoVision deserves.  

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A full-on "themed" controller like this will probably end up around $250.00ish.  I have a few other ideas I'm working on and have started ordering parts for:


ColecoVision - Standard Hand Controller, Black housing/CPO, 8-way black ball-top joystick with (2) Gray Pushbuttons + keypad

ColecoVision - Super Action Controller, Black Housing, silver CPO, 8-way red ball-top joystick, with (1 ea.) Yellow,Red,Purple,Blue Pushbuttons +keypad

ColecoVision - P.O.P. Kiosk Controller, Black Housing/CPO, 8-Way red ball-top joystick with (1 ea.) Red,Green Pushbuttons +keypad


As these won't require painting (and the required prep-work and time), they would be a bit cheaper, probably closer to $200.00ish each.


I've also got a few other ideas I want to make as full-on themed arcade port editions, like this Donkey Kong one.


I'd also like to do an ADAM/Phoenix edition one, but nobody makes tan/beige/brown joystick knobs or pushbuttons, so I'd need to check to see how well the dye I've used previously would adhere to the plastics used on these items.  


It's hard to get a definitive per unit cost due to taxes and S&H charges.  I think I ordered parts from 5 or 6 places to get everything I needed for this, and each place charges $5 to $10 shipping per order.  So if I order 1 $5.00 thing from company "X", plus $8.00 shipping, that item cost $13.00; but if I order enough parts for 10 controllers, the shipping is still $8.00, so now each item only costs $5.80 each.  But a lot of the items I had to order I only wanted to get 1 or 2 of for prototyping purposes to verify that it would work as I envisioned/needed, so I wasn't going to order a ton of something just to find out it didn't work.  


Another issue then, is the HSS-09 donor controller.  I paid $53 for this one as it was the only one on ebay in the US which I could get quickly, so that I could get started.  I have (3) more on the way I got from ebay from Japanese sellers, that I was able to get ranging from $25-$43, and there are still a bunch to be had, but all the other ones on ebay right now are $50 or more with shipping.  


Since I have so many versions/ideas I want to make, I'm not going to start a pre-order thread for any one of them right now.  I'm thinking that after I make each one, I'll sell each one on ebay (labeling each as prototype unit, with custom sticker on bottom), and once the inrush of ideas have been made and sold, we can look at a pre-order scenario for all available versions/editions.  

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13 minutes ago, VectorGamer said:

Looks nice. Send me a PM when the Bluetooth version comes out.

I should be able to just cut off the cable, then it will be "wireless"!

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So FYI, this Donkey Kong Edition Super Arcade Controller is up on ebay:




Like I said I'll be working on a few other designs when I get parts in stock so stay tuned for those.


Additionally I "created" a website today, nothing fancy, its just through Google Sites; currently it's just a showcase of the Coleco related items I've modded/made over the years.  I'll add more and info and details about stuff when I get time.  I'd updated my signature with the new link.  Check it out for a walk down memory lane going all the way back to 2004.

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That is one beautiful controller.  I have a friend who buys fighting game sticks for all of his fighting games, it is great to see options for those of us that are into retro.


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Just as a reminder this first **PROTOTYPE** Donkey Kong Edition Super Arcade Controller is up on ebay and ends tonight:






Additionally I received 2 of the 3 Hori HSS-09 donor controllers I had on order from ebay today, I think the other 1 should be in yet this week.  These 2 are already stripped down and gutted and ready for their new lives as a ColecoVision Super Arcade Controller.  I'm still working on the other designs' artwork and layout, so I'm not sure what style will be unveiled next.  Possibly the "plain Jane" ColecoVision black/gray version, have to play it by ear.  

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