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Mike Harris

Following a track???

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I have delved in very basic logic on mixing the sprites with the tile patterns.
Until now I have used a small routine just to detect walls.

What is really puzzling is how easy it seems when looking at old video games how they have characters following along tracks such as Pepper 2.
I was recently looking at Blasto for the TI99 and if you watch the tank it looks like it is on a track to keep it aligned with the mines and such.

Can someone elaborate or share a bit of code that explains this?

Once again I find myself asking tough, advanced questions that you can't find in a classroom.
If there was a manual put out by real game programmers that explained all of this then I would buy it.
But it seems that game programmers keep their wining formulas close to the chest.
So until it is released then I have to ask.

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58 minutes ago, digress said:

Do you have this book?
All I need to know does it have easy to follow references that I can translate into z80 assembly and/or formulas and theory to old school games.
Such as the tracks I mentioned and such.

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has a step by step design for intybasic for a donkeykong clone which climbs ladders & follow girder tracks. 


an easy way to do this is set up a table of points to direct you sprite towards. when it reaches a point get the next point from the table and then it will move towards that one


it's like connect the dots


so a track point 1


if sprites is at 0,0 then get track point 2


when you get to track point 2 you get rack point 3 etc. and you can loop it back to the original point if you wish start all over


curves just require more points

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