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Looking ColecoVision Programming Guide & Community

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So I'm interested in learning how to program for the ColecoVision, but I can't find any good guide/walkthrough on how to do so. Can anyone please help me?

I also can't find a good and active ColecoVision community/forum to join. So if someone can help with that too, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Here are the three major guides.  1 in C, 1 in Assembly and BIOS Labels.


Some people will help you here.
Community used to have Yahoo Coleco Programmers which seems to be dead.
Most links may be working but nothing seems to be updated.

A lot of people in the community seem to be either busy or hold their routines close to the chest but for the most part everyone around here will give you a hand.

Tony at Electric Adventures has been running an Assembly Language course on MSX and Coleco programming.
It's been going on for about 5 years but is extremely informative.


Information is hard to come by that is not already out there.  Trust me I looked.

Personally I look at as much Assembly Language Z80 Source Code I can get my hands on to get ideas on how things run.




Just added five more books.

Rodney Zacks Z80 and TI Graphics Chip, SN76489AN sound chip and The Hackers Guide 1 and 2.

Coleco Coding Guide.pdf ColecoVision BIOS offcial symbols.pdf cv programming.pdf

TMS9918 - Graphics Chip.pdf

The Hacker's Guide to ADAM, vol 1.pdf The Hacker's Guide to ADAM, vol 2.pdf


Programming the Z80 3rd ed.pdf

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If you have never making games before, start with C first.


If you are more confidant, use assembler instead. It's more advanced than C but it's harder too.


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